SOS Notas

Ministering Wholeness

Introduction to the notes

The Bible tells us who is going to win but in the mean time we must act to make sure that we personally win. This manual reviews what we are fighting.

With the application of this manual it is important to know:

  •  Jesus Christ is the HEALER through the work of the Holy Spirit. There is no formula and the Holy Spirit will lead you to the WORD of God to help you pray for anybody that needs healing. (Rom 1:16).
  • That the manual will help you with your discernment and the renewing of your mind and those you are ministering to (Rom 12:2,renew our mind (thoughts), so that it might be acceptable to Him.)

The manual >> Ministering Wholeness 5th edition (SOS)

Maybe you have been exposed to something that can put you in bondage? >> Complete the list and submit to your church leader

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