The Valley of Dry Bones (Kenny le Roux)

Kenny takes us through the scene that happens in Ezekiel 37 – the Valley of Dry Bones. It has a profound message to Christians today, as well. God is still asking us the same question; “Can these bones live?” As Christians we are presented with a choice; will we add to the mass despair and hopelessness of the world, or will we equip and be equipped as the mighty army of God to be light-bearers who transform this deep darkness, advancing the Kingdom and letting the light of Jesus shine. We need to breathe the Life of Jesus into the desperate, the hurting, the spiritually weak, and the broken. We need to be the army of the Lord that turns the world upside down with the glory, the grace, the peace, and the love of God.

Ezekiel’s vision is a vision to encourage all of us. It’s a vision of resurrection. There is no situation in which God can’t breathe life. It offers hope for everyone. May God equip us to see that we, the Church, God’s Mighty Army, must rise from the dry bones of global despair and shine the light of hope into this desperate world.

Be the change. Be Heaven’s Transformation Agents. Be glory and grace dispensers, so that the hopeless and desperate can hope in Jesus Christ and Eternity.