10 Maart 2019 – Anton Keyter

What an awesome privilege and pleasure it was to have welcomed our very special friends, Anton and Ang Keyter, into our Akker family on Sunday, 10 March.

Anton and Ang are lead elders at The UpperRoom Church in Sandton. Anton is intimately sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit and Ang is infectiously joyful about life and all that surrounds her. Together they are real, committed and in-love with truth and the body of Christ.

Their pursuit of God’s presence, a desire to hear His voice and walk in close relationship with Jesus, is what they base their purpose on. Their heart’s desire is to see others set free from every oppressive and harmful scheme of the enemy. They believe, with great passion, that unconditional love, overflowing joy and peace that surpasses understanding is the portion available for every person who will come to believe in The One who gives LIFE.

We were EXPECTANT – and were not disappointed!