Accessing the Mountain Top – Bruce McAlpine

What gives you and me the right to access the most Holy Place; to enter the Presence of God any time we want?  The Bible says we can come confidently and boldly for one reason only: through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Bruce takes a practical look at how to access God’s presence; get His perspective; and to then walk through the open door on earth He has called us to walk in to be effective in this life and to make a difference, always being aware of the snares the kingdom of darkness has set-up against us.

Father Lord, make us understand that this is a journey of love, where we together experience Jesus, who He is and what He has done for us. Where we together advance your Kingdom, walking in the light, seated with You in heavenly places, standing firm against the enemy, destroying his kingdom and seeing the Kingdom of God advance in our lives. Please help us not to be arrogant and prideful in our revelations – but help us to understand Your grace; to have open hearts; to be teachable and humble.