What do you see? (Bruce McAlpine)

As you look into the next 10 years of your life as a church and a community, what do you see?

Dudley Daniels once said; “Where you look is where you live.”

Our perception of life and life, in reality, can be very different depending on where you focus.

Today I would like us to look in three directions:
1) Up – and see Jesus with a fresh perspective
2) Back – and see Jesus’ faithfulness to you over this last 6 month period but also over the last 10 years
3) Forward – then I want you to look with faith and hope into an uncertain future because of Jesus – who He is and what He has done for you already.

Be encouraged, inspired, and envisioned – we have a King and are part of a Kingdom that is greater than Solomon’s. He loves us, is for us, and lives inside of us.