Keys to living in the favour of God (Kenny le Roux)

God’s heart toward you and me – His kids – is to bless us, help us, promote us, and treat us special. God’s favour in our lives is the power needed to break through and overcome any barrier in life. Favour doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have trouble; it doesn’t mean we won’t face challenges. What it does mean is we will see clearly God’s gracious hand in operation as we continue to believe and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus says: “I will be your peace”. Favour comes when we believe and trust in Jesus Christ. God is the source of Divine Favour for all of us who believe in Jesus Christ. There are a few things that help us keep the favour of God in our lives – and it is not dependent on our works; it is us in Christ and Christ in us.

These are 3 major keys to receiving and activating God’s favour in your life:

  • 1st Key: Thanksgiving and Gratitude
  • 2nd Key: Remembrance
  • 3rd Key: Culture of Honour

May we be a people who are thankful and show gratitude to God and to others for big things, and for little things. May we be a people who remember what God has done, and what He is doing right now, and let us already with faith and hope be thankful for what God will do in the future. May we be a people that honour God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, ourselves and each other, to the glory of God.