The D’s that shape our destiny (Martin Bouwer)

“You were born looking like your parents – you die looking like your decisions.”

In the past 16 months, we’ve had our world turned upside down, from a global perspective, as well as from a church perspective. Things have dramatically been shaken, things have dramatically been shifting, and we’ve seen some shocking things happen.

No question about it: life as we know it has been radically changed. On a personal as well as a church level we need to be wise on how we move forward, we need to be asking the right questions; how do we navigate challenges we haven’t seen before, how do we respond to certain things that are going to come our way, how is the church handling COVID and the impending darkness? How does it impact the church at large? How does it impact me?

God is adjusting our lenses, and we have to make certain decisions to alter our direction and final destination.

With this understanding, Martin asks some challenging questions about our Devotion, Discernment, Doctrine, Discipleship, Dealing with Dirt and Doors, and finally our Decisions. Questions meant to stir you to faith in Jesus, meant to stir you to deeper encounters with His presence, and meant to stir you to love the church as you have never loved the church before.