The Greatest Weapon the Church has (Keir Tayler)

God’s words are powerful! We know this truth, right? But do we really understand how powerful they are? When we stop and contemplate the true power of God’s words, how can we doubt Him? How can we not believe His promises?

The only things which will last forever are God’s Words and eternal life with Him. In a day in age that is increasingly disregarding the sanctity of God’s Word, we need to put the Bible back into its proper place in our lives. A Church alive in Christ is a Church whose members love the Scriptures, study them, pray them, confess them, speak them, and live by them. It is through the power of God’s Word that lives are changed.

Listen to Keir’s powerful message on the Greatest Weapon the Church has – the Word of God, the weapon that needs to be unwrapped in His presence.

Oh Lord, give us a hunger and a desire and a thirst for more of your Word than we have ever had before. Let the Word of God melt into our hearts, become the very essence of who we are, blend into our bloodstream, and into our spirit and soul.