Where are the nine? (Keir Tayler)

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19

Keir takes us through the story of the ten lepers and looks at it in the context of what happening during this very sensitive and very tender moment in the world, as the Coronavirus continues to grab headlines as it spreads across the globe. It is a very real issue and we as the church cannot be up in the clouds so far away that we ignore it. Yet, we have to have the heavenly perspective on what God is doing, so that we can face what we are going through. There is a very real enemy out there. But God has prepared us for days like these. He plans to show the immeasurable riches of his kindness through simple acts of Christian courage in a world paralyzed and consumed by fear. In this emergency, there is an urgency to help others. The church needs to take up this banner.

Father, in the name of Jesus, use your church. Let us be our brother’s keeper.